Sunday, April 18, 2010

What is every little boys ambition?

What is it about kids -- especially boys -- that drives them to build their own houses/forts/hideouts, etc? I don't know, but I can remember wanting to have a "clubhouse" that i could decorate and make my own -- just a pre-curser to my adult years, I guess. ANYWAY, Reed has been working on a winter project -- his very own fort in the backyard. Here's the proof of his efforts:

The Engineer

The Secret Entrance & The Spacious Interior

The Sewer System (Pee into the black tube located INSIDE the fort (Top Picture) -- it drains out through the buried line to the outside.

(Bottom Picture.) Pretty ingenious, but when I found out it's purpose, I disallowed it's use due to obvious reasons.

The Raincatching System -- Catch the water thru the flashing in the First Picture; it flows through the pipe in the Second Picture; and collects into the can in the Third Picture. Handy for pouring down the sewer system that Mom won't let Reed use.
Accessorizing the inside -- a handy table/raised bed in the First Picture. And a shelf for holding valuables like balls and trophies. Notice the blue egg in the center -- decorated like a grenade... it's been there for two weeks and Reed says it hasn't started to smell ??? Any predictions on this boy's future profession? Gotta love him.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Wanna Be a Blogger Too;)

So, here I am -- in my home state of TEXAS (!) looking at my kids' blogs and suddenly I had a wild and crazy thought . . . I want one, too! A blogspot, that is. Why am I in Texas? Well, Jarem and Camilla through much sacrifice and generosity bought me a ticket to come to Dallas for Lucy's birthday. It's really been a wonderful week! We've eaten at a typical best in the west BBQ restaurant, visited the Dallas Zoo, and tomorrow we will party it up with the Goose and her friends. And, for the moment, I'm learning to create a blog, with sweet, patient, KIND Camilla at my side! Thanks, Camilla! Okay. . .now to figure out how to upload the pictures. . .Hope you enjoy!
This is Lucy's family party. Some of these presents were for Big Sis, Sofie. We tried to get Lucy to blow out her candle.
Sofie got a little freaked out when this penguin suddenly appeared behind her. We talked her into trying to "touch" it.
This is the BBQ Place called Hard Eight. They had all this meat that you could choose from. Naturally, we were all thinking of Bret as we stood in line . . .
Two sweet girlies at the zoo -- this is Lucy's Birthday day.